5 Tips to Work Your Side Hustle Around A Full Time Job

Hello readers!!

Gosh WHAT a year it has been! Well this post is going to be a MAJOR read…especially if you have a full time job!

I work a 6 day week for a very fast paced company which operate 24/7, 365 days a year. My hours range from 35+ on a normal week, however due to the pandemic it is more like 48+!!

Now you are probably thinking how on EARTH do I juggle a FULL TIME job as well as my SIDE HUSTLE BUSINESS? Well, these are my FIVE top tips on how to work around your full time job!


A lot of people are indecisive about whether to invest their time into NWM because they are under the impression that they will not have the time to dedicate themselves to it. Trust me when I say this, WHAT YOU PUT INTO YOUR BUSINESS, THE UNIVERSE WILL REPAY YOU! If you are serious about your business, you will MAKE the time for it! I am not saying NWM is for everyone, because it isn’t. However a lot of individuals will stop themselves from being successful because of a “I DON’T HAVE TIME” stigma which doesn’t exist! Everyone has time, it is just how you use that time efficiently!


In any job you undertake, being organised is a major skill to have. Without it, deadlines would not be met, life just simply would not run smoothly! In NWM, if you take control of your business and organise yourself, you cannot go wrong! Even around my full time job, I have written down in my notebook my shifts. This helps me to efficiently plan my day! I know when I can post on my social media, when I can host training calls with my team and also when I can also chill with a glass of Gin and Lemonade! My plans is never strict, it’s a healthy balance that I have created for my life and my own success


Even though I set my alarms in the mornings, I have no boss to ring me up and tell me I haven’t posted on my social media in a few hours! Like I said before, what you put into your business, you will get out of it! You are your own boss! YOU decide what you post and when - this links to organisation as YOU get the FREEDOM AND CHOICE of how you WANT to run your business!


Everybody speaks about mindset as people who meditate and burn incense sticks to “go with the flow”. In fact, mindset is a lot more simpler than that. It affects EVERYONE. Everyone has a mindset when they wake up each morning, whether it’s positive or negative! Waking up for the same old 9-5, that’s negative. Waking up to messages and enquiries about your business with a smile on your face - that’s positive. Having the correct mindset won’t just help you with your business, but with your daily antics! Attending a friends birthday party with a positive mindset will allow you to enjoy your relaxation time!! This also applies to your business - if your mindset is not in the right place, then how can you expect your business to be how you want it?


The most important tip I can give you is…YOU. Every decision you make, every sale you complete, every message you send, relies on YOU.





Okay ?

Don’t let anyone or anything stop you from being as successful as you deserve to be

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