5 Ways To Balance Work And Life!

Hello readers!

Do you ever struggle to balance out your work and personal life? YOU ARE NOT THE ONLY ONE!

Are you looking for new ways to maintain that work-life balance? Even when you say no to unrealistic commitments and sleeping well, you still do not feel fulfilled:

1. Work-Free Zones

Put up those invisible fences to prevent work based activities in specific areas; e.g. the living room. also make sure that all technology used for work are taken away as they could be distractions.

2. Consider relocation

Some locations are the epicentre of work. WHO here commutes everyday? A career shift may not be a bad move. Finding a location that has a lower cost of living can help to maintain a work-life balance as it relieves a lot of pressure off you!

3. Take That Lieu Time!

Everyone who works a full time job gains lieu hours. When work and family life becomes too demanding, as long as you complete all of your tasks within your normal working hours, taking that extra hour off your day or “starting early, finish early” can help you to plan your life; e.g. planning child care or doing the school run.

4. Keep A Calendar

Keeping a calendar can help you to make sure you don’t overbook or double book yourself! If your see that you have a personal appointment on a day, you know not to organise a work meeting for the same time and day! Or you know you cannot work late one evening as it is your child’s school play. Having that system in place will help you to control and maintain a good work-life balance.

5. Expect the Unexpected

Think of your day as an elastic band. All it takes is too much pull and it can snap. Overworking yourself and reaching your limit just like an elastic band can make YOU snap! Try having a little bit of time to prepare for your day as it can help you to keep that work-life balance you want!

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