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Your mind is such a powerful thing that it affects your behaviours and actions more than anything else! It can help you to a achieve your goals by letting you do them! Sometimes you can feel negativity trying to abstain you from achieving those goals and we don’t want it overtaking our lives! So we use affirmations to keep it at bay.

Affirmations are short statements that are powerful. They let you be in control of your mind, they create your reality by thinking/saying/writing them down. Did you know that 80% of our thoughts are negative? How crazy! Thinking positively helps us to control the negative thoughts. Affirming a statement positively means saying it as the truth. Let’s prioritise the positive thoughts over the negative.

Steps to Writing Affirmations

Step 1

Start your affirmation with two powerful words; ‘I am’. By doing this your mind takes it as a command. A direct order which needs to be done.

Step 2:

Talk/Say/Think things as if they are already yours! It helps you to visualise your desired outcome! For example, instead of “I want a red Ferrari” you could say “I am buying my red Ferrari this year”

Step 3:

In your affirmations, never use negatives. Our minds do not recognise negative thoughts! For example, if you say “Do not shut yourself off to opportunities”, your mind only hears “shut yourself off”! Always be positive in how you word your affirmations.

Step 4:

Don’t write an dissertation! Affirmations are easy to remember when they are shorter and more powerful. For example; “I enjoy my ’me’ time” rather than “I enjoy all of my hobbies which make me relax every evening”.

Step 5:

Be specific of what you are affirming as it allows your mind to visualise your desired outcome. So instead of “My income will increase this year” change it to “I am loving my £10,000 income this year”.

Step 6:

Affirmations need to be created for you not everyone else! Make sure they are your dreams and desires

Step 7:

Your affirmations need to mean something to you otherwise there is no point! It needs to be meaningful to you, speaks for you as well as be perfectly created to express your desire to affirm your goals

Affirmations can be extremely powerful when done right, whether it is negative or positive. Highlight the positives and ignore the negativity to help you succeed! Think them, say them or write them down, affirmations work in all forms.

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