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Customer relationships are built on a personal basis. It helps you to reach your target audience as well as be able to solve their problems and understand their needs and requirements. There is always a major need for customer relationships within businesses to build trust. But not many people realise or know how to start and maintain these relationships with their clients. It is so important to build up a customer relationship and here is why.

What is it? It may be obvious that it is a relationship with your clients. However customer relationships mean so much more than that! It is a term that refers to the amount of dedication and effort you put into your clients experience. Here are a few things to consider:

  • How do your clients feel towards you and your business?

  • What approach do you take to identify and solve any issues your customers have?

  • How do you interact with your customers?

Difference between Customer Service and Customer Relationships Yes there is a different! Customer service is how you use your services and products to maintain the success with your customers. However, customer relationships is when you take on all customer feedback And concern yourself with their satisfaction levels. This helps with providing support for your clients on all levels as well as provide loyalty.

Short Term vs Long Term Approach Now you know what customer relationships are, here are a couple of ways to approach them to maintain a positive relationship; a short term and a long term approach.

The short term approach focuses on making the sales with customers but does not focus on feedback or improving the clients experience. This approach may seem to be a ’quick fix’ to better your business by saving time and money, however you need to dedicate time to your loyal customers otherwise they will feel like you don’t care and not respect your business! On the other hand, a long term approach gives you the time to solve any problems your clients may experience. You commit your own time to making sure their experience is 10/10 and that you are doing all that you can for them! Take any feedback you get and use it to better yourself and your business. Take that action to show your customers that their feedback is valued.

Hopefully now you have learned what a customer relationship is and how to approach maintaining a positive relationship with them! Keep loyal to your customers, just as much as they are loyal to you and your business! Your customer base will grow with time because everyone will know how much you care about your business, the service is provides and most importantly, your clients.

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