Dream Bigger!

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Having big dreams doesn’t necessarily mean that we want to be a superstar or a billionaire. The term “bigger” is just a word! If you do not have a dream then your definition of dreaming big may mean having a smaller goal which is equally as achievable! However, it is not an easy journey.

Just think - if we already knew how to make our dreams big, we would do it right? Well how do you make your dreams bigger?


To be able to succeed, you need to believe you can! If we think we don’t deserve success then why bother trying? By dreaming big we can gain that boost in confidence that we need.

To help you feel confident, reminisce a ping in your life where you achieved something you truly focused on and dedicated your time to. If you find this hard, who is your role model? What do they do that is so inspirational to keep you motivated?

Face Your Fear of Failure

Fear can be a massive factor when dreaming big. Thoughts such as what is the outcome? Will I fail? What will happen? Try changing your mindset. Growing your mindset and learning can help you to succeed rather than involving yourself in other peoples opinions! It can help you focus on your path to your end goal. It allows you to enjoy the chase, feel the adrenaline of working towards your dream, even if you fail.

Face Your Fear of Success

We are usually afraid to fail - but what about being afraid to succeed? Success has a different meaning to everyone. Success fears could be feeling the odd one out in your social group or family because you followed your dreams. The responsibility that comes with success can be scary. Others around you could feel jealous of

your success and it can deter you from achieving your dreams. Analyse what you fear about succeeding and it can help you to beat them to achieve your full potential.


We need to use our superpower! Our imagination is an amazing tool that we can use to visualise so many exciting possibilities that could happen from achieving your dreams. Whether that dream is running your own business or travelling the world with your cat, there are endless outcomes! When using your imagination, take note of how your body is feeling when you visualise each outcome and be mindful of this. Tune into those emotions. Is it real? Does it feel amazing?

Find Your Meaning

When we are on the journey to achieve our dreams, we can sometimes get a bit stuck, or realise our dreams are the wrong ones! This is usually because we have not fully discovered the true meaning behind our dreams! We need to look at what is meaningful to us such as self acceptance, personal growth as well as our purpose in life.

Enjoy The Dream Process

When dreaming big, we dedicate so much time to the end goal we forget about how we got there and the initial steps we took for success! Big dreams help us visualise the life we’ve always dreamed of, and it does take time. We need to enjoy the process of dreaming big!! Enjoy the chase, the adrenaline!

Make sure you focus on the enjoyable aspects of devising your dream. Take control of your life because you are creating yourself a new reality. Throw a party for taking those baby steps! Find and keep that meaning and never fear to dream big.

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