Eating Habits

Hello readers!

When eating, we all develop good habits such as having our five a day. However we do adopt bad habits such as drinking lots of sugary drinks. It is never too late to improve your habits!

Sudden changes are not very healthy as they will not help you in the future! Your approach needs to be thought through and you can apply a practice called reflect, replace and reinforce.


This is when you specify your eating habits, good and bad! Also naming your triggers for certain habits. Make a list of everything you eat and drink. Make a good diary! This includes alcohol as well as drinks with lots of sugar! LITERALLY EVERYTHING! Also make a note of the time of day - this will help with identifying habits. Certain times of day may be a trigger! Also make a note with how you were feeling when you ate/drank. Were you tired? or maybe stressed? Highlight the triggers for you overeating. These could be eating too fast, eating standing up, even skipping meals. Also write down cues so you can easily identify causes. For example, stressful day at work, boredom or even an emotional trauma. Then ask yourself: can I avoid these situations? What are my healthier alternatives if I cannot avoid them?


Now let’s replace your bad habits with healthier habits! For example, if you eat faster by yourself, dedicate time to eat with a colleague at work or a loved one at home! Engage in conversation to rest between mouthfuls! Also only eat when your truly hungry! If you are bored or tired try and occupy yourself with an activity that doesn’t include eating! This may include going for a walk or drawing. You could also make a meal plan so you have a schedule to know what to eat when!


This means that you actually have to do your new eating habits! But do be patient with yourself! It will take time to adopt

the new habits, it won’t happen overnight!! If you ever happen to undergo an unhealthy habit, don’t knock yourself down! Just ask yourself why you did it and how you can you change your mindset to get it right!

Like I said, don’t let one mistake knock you! You can do it!! Just take each step as it comes - one day at a time!

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