Get A Hobby!

Hello readers!

Well we are now in 2022! HOW EXCITING!! New Year = New Opportunities!! Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and New Year!

Now everybody in life should have a hobby. Taking up a hobby that we love will give us happiness and spice up our lives. It allows us to have fun in our own personal time and give us the option of learning a new skill. In the present day we have a wide range of potential hobbies we could undertake. As well as this there are many online tools which can help us discover and talk about different hobbies.

One of the best advice I can give you on getting a hobby is definitely trying something completely new and different. There are so many exciting and wonderful pass times out there that we can equip ourselves to! Everyone has their own capabilities and skills, however there is a hobby/interest out there for EVERYONE! Once we find it, we become passionate and develop a vested interest for it. It almost becomes part of the furniture within our lives and connects to us in a personal level!

Just a few reasons why everyone should adopt a hobby:

  1. It can help you to become more interesting! Individuals who develop hobbies have their own unique stories and experiences which they can share with other people. It also allows you to increase your specialised knowledge so that you can educate others about your hobby

  2. It can be a stress reliever for you but being passionate about what you do! Hobbies ideally take you away from your every day life so that you can relax and recharge yourself. You will feel happy doing this activity as it has no responsibilities

  3. Hobbies increase your patience. When learning something new, it is a completely new learning curve for you. Patience is key if you want to build up your skills set

  4. Hobbies can contribute to your social life! It allows tou to have a common interest with others as well as potentially take part in your hobby with other people!Certain hobbies have clubs or maybe competitive leagues which you can join. Or maybe you could gift others with your creations!

  5. Interests and hobbies can help to build up your self esteem and confidence. It’s known that you will be good at a hobby if you enjoy doing it! Hobbies that you can progress with can give you that gateway to increasing your confidence and embrace your achievements!

  6. You won’t be as bored! They fulfil your free time when you need something to do. You can also have a sense of excitement leading up to it and look forward to completing it

My own personal hobbies you ask? I have had so many hobbies and interests over the years! However I am passionate about them all as they make me who I am!

They have changed my life for the better and I LOVE doing them all!:

Reading I love reading, especially murder mystery ones. I currently read about 30 books per year but looking to increase that number! I also love self development books! I am currently reading a book called Get Rich Lucky Bitch! By Denise Duffield Thomas which focuses on how to be successful YOUR WAY.

Gaming I absolutely LOVE gaming! I love playing Sims 4 and Animal

Crossing!! On average, I spend most of my free time on my Nintendo Switch! Gaming allows me to escape from the outside world and it has taught me about caring and focus.

Singing & Dancing Singing and dancing are a major hobby of mine! I sing in the kitchen, the shower, all around the house! It helps me to express my emotions when I am sad or happy to help me cope with a range of emotions.

Cross Stitching This is a hobby I took up during the lockdown in 2021! It is an extremely patient hobby that allows me to relax and use amazing colours to create a pattern! It can make time pass by and I really recommend anyone taking up some sort of craft to enhance your creative skills!

My hobbies are extremely important to me. I feel they get me through each day and give me the escape I need sometimes from the stress of life I experience. I highly recommend that you explore and adopt a hobby that you will really enjoy. I assure you, you won’t regret it!

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