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When it comes to the topic of gratitude, it is similar to appreciation and it helps us to learn why it is a positive thing to express being thankful, especially in hard times.

Sometimes we say “thank you” for when we have received a present or had help in some way. However gratitude can be viewed as having a purpose that is biological and not just an action. Gratitude has a deeper meaning for someone about something or someone else and it creates a lot of positivity.

Two Stages of Gratitude

Dr. Robert Emmons (2003) researched that gratitude comes as two stages the feeling of gratitude involves two stages:

  1. Firstly, someone notices the goodness in their life. We make sure sure to affirm it because life is good and worth living. By receiving something, it makes us feel grateful for the gift as well as the effort put into it.

  2. Secondly, gratitude is all about realising where the goodness has come from! This stage involves seeing the good in our own lives and who to be thankful for it, especially those who have sacrificed a lot for our happiness

The two stages of gratitude comprise the recognition of the goodness in our lives, and then how this goodness came to us externally lies. By this process, we recognize the luck of everything that makes our lives—and ourselves—better.

Gratitude means being selfless. It is “A gift that is freely given”. If your friend is sad, and you write them a little appreciation note, you aren’t looking for something in return! You are expressing to your friend their own value and being grateful for being in the world. Sometimes gratitude is returned, but is never expected. It is contagious so we could start a chain of gratitude from person to person!

Here is a little gratitude exercise for you to try:

  1. Think of a person in your life who has been amazing for you, someone you may not have thanked yet

  2. Next, think of the amazing things they have done and write them a little letter telling them how thankful you are for everything they have done

  3. Finally, deliver the letter personally! Spend quality time with that person to explain your letter to remind them of how grateful you are for them!

There are many ways to practice gratitude, A gratitude journal is always a good start! Write down each morning and night what you are grateful for - whether it’s your dog or hot water! Recognise what you have and be thankful for the life we live. By practicing gratitude, you will love the benefits you experience from it as well as the valuable experienced and thoughts you will have!

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