Guide To Mindfulness

Hello readers! We do not live in the future. Nor do we live in the past. We live in the present, right here and right now. Our life is only available to live in the present and that is where we should reside.

Mindfulness is using energy to understand our happiness that we have. You don’t have to wait years to experience happiness. It is there in your daily life! We are alive and sometimes we forget that! We need to embrace the miracle of just being alive, hence mindfulness being the source of joy and happiness.

Sometimes we are forgetful and not really present in the moment. Ever heard of the saying “The lights are on but no one’s in”? This means that their mind is captivated by their fears, angers, regrets and worries. They are trapped in their future or their past. You could say the opposite of forgetfulness is mindfulness. Mindfulness is bringing your body and mind together.

Mindful Breathing

Yes you can breathe mindfully! All you do is recognising breathing in as your “in-breath” and breathing out as your “out-breath”. It is just as simple as that! Just recognising your breathing brings you into the present moment. To mindfully breathe, you should focus all your attention on it. You won‘t even think about it anymore! You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to stop thinking; that’s the beauty of practice! The past and future are not a worry to you because your breathing has become mindful.


Whilst you breathe, you can follow your breath‘s journey from start to finish. By breathing for 10 seconds, your mindfulness will last 10 seconds. Follow your breath all the way through to keep it uninterrupted. This means your concentration will improve. Your awareness of the here and now is apparent. You are no longer thinking if you’ve left the TV on in the other room, you become mindful.

Be Aware of Your Body

Be aware of your physical being! Whilst breathing, think to yourself “Breathing in, I am aware of my whole body“ and vice versa when breathing out! Because you now have the mindfulness energy from breathing, you need to recognise your body in the present moment. Your body is there! You need to bring the mind and body together. Embrace that you are alive! Our minds can sometimes be elsewhere but we need to connect the body and mind to be truly mindful.

Release Tension

Once aware of your body, we need to release all tension that is apparent. Being aware of our bodies can help us recognise any pain or stress our bodies are under, especially if it has conjured up over time! Our mind needs to be present to help release the tension! Whether your standing, sitting or lying down, you can practice relaxing and releasing the tension from your body. Reconnect your mind and body. Mindfulness can occur during any daily activity such as cooking, cleaning or even brushing your teeth!

Walking Meditation

We have allowed our breathing to become mindful effortlessly. Now when we are walking, we can apply this to every step we take. Enjoy each step to your destination! Be aware of your senses and what you experience around you, keep in the here and now. Walking meditation requires minimal effort. Be present! Your mind and body are connected and you are very much alive. Embrace all that is around you and bring yourself joy every step you make. Walk on the Earth that was granted to us, make your body and mind your home.

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