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So today’s blog post is going to be a little different! We have interviewed one of the founder’s partner Beth to establish what it is like from the other side of things! Especially the concept of dating a network marketer!

What did you know about NWM before Kayleigh joined?

Not a lot to be honest! I was under the impression they were pyramid schemes and they were a complete waste of time!

How do you feel about what we do? Why do you support Kayleigh? Apart from the fact I will always support what she does, it truly makes her happy! I’ve invested my time into learning about her business and the products she promotes and by doing so it has definitely defied a lot of myths! I have watched her grow into an amazing and confident person through her business and that makes me happy too!

You have tried some of the products before. Which have you tried and what did you like about them? Did you see results?

Absolutely! I tried the Energy, Europa Joe Coffee (my fave!) and the Europa Cocoa. Coffee is more my style so I drink that more often! When I work night shifts I used to be addicted to downing energy drink after energy drink until I got introduced to the Energy. It tasted amazing and truly does give me a lot more energy and stamina in comparison to a can of Monster! From using the coffee I have lost a total of 7lbs so far and now I understand why Kayleigh gets so excited about these products!

As someone from outside the business, would you say it has put strain on your relationship at all?

Not really no, I completely get that she dedicates some of her time creating her content, messaging potential customers and joining live zoom trainings. However she has a weekly schedule and an organised routine of when she does this so it’s a lot easier to plan around our lives and still make time for cute date nights and spending quality time together! I get on really well with all of the team so sometimes I sit with her on her calls to say hello!

Would you ever consider being a NWM?

As much as I’ve thought about it, it’s a lot of hard work and I can see how hard Kayleigh works and don’t think I would be up for it!

What advice would you give to partners of NWM who may be struggling to support their other halves in the industry?

Be interested in what they sell! If your partner is with a company, and you don’t understand what they do, find out! Look into why they believe so much in the products they promote, try the products too! Be by their side and be that backbone for them! Showing support is key to keeping their business alive. If Kayleigh has had a slow week of sales and it’s gotten her down, by showing that I’m there to say it will all be ok, she never gives up and I’m so proud of her for it.

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