Love Monday’s Again

Hello readers!

So I used to dread Monday mornings all through my Sunday and suddenly it came to me - WHAT A WASTE OF A PERFECT DAY! Over time I have adapted my daily routines to change my mindset and begin to love my Mondays again!

These are a few tips I want to share if things that may help you to do the same:

Start your Monday with Sunday!

Think of it like this: you always warm up before you exercise. So use your Sunday evening as your warm up for Monday! Prepare everything that you need for the morning for work or for the kids if you are a parent. Find everything you need and place it somewhere where you can easily locate it in the morning; ready to go. When you get ready to exercise, you warm up first. This brings a sense of order to your routine as you are not running around finding your car keys whilst your child has their shoes on the wrong feet! Some people find this easy and already do this. However it is a handy technique to improve your organisation and see if it helps to make your Monday morning easier.

Then, deliver your Sunday night wind down routine. This could be anything that helps you to relax and prepare yourself for a good night sleep. This could be having a hot bubble Bath, doing a hobby such as knitting or even watching your favourite tv show.

Get up early!

You are probably thinking - WHAAAT?! However heading to bed earlier on a Sunday can help to wake up on Monday morning a little earlier. It will help you to resist hitting that snooze button. Waking up is all about taking it slow. Don’t force yourself into a position to cram in a massive to do list! Allowing yourself that extra time can help you settle into the day a little gentler and makes it an even calmer start to your week. Make that time to sit with your morning cuppa and read the paper! Eat a balanced breakfast as these elements will help to boost your approach for the day.

Theme of the Week

As you may see on my timeline, I always post an inspirational quote on my Twitter and share it across our social media platforms. This theme for me on a Monday helps me to focus on the important parts of my week and I want to share that with everyone! Take time to find yourself a theme to focus on for the week and find some inspirational text to motivate yourself to stick to it!

Opportunities not Problems

I always love to think about what I am excited about for the week. Think to yourself what opportunists do you have that are problem solving? What tasks have you not fulfilled yet? Take a look at your week ahead and set yourself a few tasks to compete and achieve within reason. If you have an afternoon spare, why not finish those last few chapters of that book? Ring up the bank and pay that bill! If possible, schedule at least one of those tasks for Monday, so that you can start your week

feeling accomplished!

Monday Night Dinner

Get excited about your meal prep for Monday! It’s easy to make your Sunday Roast special, so why not Mondays dinner?! Doesn’t have to be fancy, but making an effort to sit down at the table with the best cutlery and plates. Make it special for you and it can create a wonderful feeling for you to enjoy and look forward to each week!

Follow these tips and Mondays will begin to feel less like a chore and more like the best day of the week! Start your week right everyone!

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