Mental Health Matters!

Hello readers!

Blimey what a WEEK eh?? I hope everyone has managed to keep safe with these storms lingering over us!

Yes, it is THAT time to talk about mental health. To get most out of life, we MUST make sure we take care of our minds as well as our physical being.

Here are some ways we can help each other as well as ourselves to keep our mental health in a safe space:

Talking to Someone

When you are feeling low, it can help to offload your troubles onto somebody who is willing to listen. It is NEVER a sign of weakness, only a sign of STRENGTH that you are taking control of your health and well-being! Talking can help you cope with and maybe even understand more about what you are going through. It is never easy opening up about your feelings, whether it is having the courage to speak up or even finding the right words! But knowing that someone is there to listen to you can help you feel supported

Keeping Yourself Active/Healthy

As we all know, exercise releases so many chemicals such as endorphins into our brain which make us feel happy and good each day. Exercising regularly is a massive confidence booster and can benefit your sleep pattern too! It also maintains the health of your organs and body. However, exercise doesn’t just mean sport - simple physical activity such as going for a walk or even gardening can contribute to your physical health. The recommended exercise is 30 minutes at least for 5 days a week!

Eating well too can contribute to our own well being. Having a balanced diet and aiming for three meals a day can truly have an impact! Your diet should be balanced with a mixture of fruit & veg, dairy, proteins, carbohydrates as well as plenty of water! Try and steer clear of excess caffeine and alcohol consumption as these can negatively affect your brain and thought processes.

Do What You Love!

Keeping yourself occupied is always a good way of coping with how you are feeling. Find yourself an activity that you can lose yourself in and enjoy! Taking part in these activities can reduce your stress levels and you can also enhance your skills at the same time! Usually if you enjoy something, you are good at it! Try taking on an activity that requires concentration - this will deter your attention away from your stressers and onto something more controlled - such as stitching or a crossword puzzle.

Also having a hobby opens up so many channels to connect with others who share the same passion as you in that activity! Look out for social groups where you could meet up weekly and take part together in the same activity!

Accept You Are YOU! As human beings, we are just that - HUMAN! We are all good at different things in life, believe me it’s better that way! As an individual, you are so unique why would you want to be anyone else? There is no one else like you! It’s okay to feel good about yourself, it helps you go out into the world and learn those new skills, gain more confidence and make new connections with other people

When life gets a little tough, just remember this - always be proud of who you are. It is perfectly okay to not be good at everything, just focus yourself around what your ARE good at. Believe me, being happy with who you are is so much easier on you.

Enjoy living in the moment!

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