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Most of you reading this may feel like joining a network marketing business means you are involved in a massive scam! However the NWM industry is the most misunderstood because of the myths behind it! If you allow yourself to get past these misconceptions and understand the industry in more depth, you can be clear on how many lives have been changed due to this amazing industry.

Now let’s bust some myths!

Myth 1: It is an illegal pyramid scheme

I admit, unfortunately pyramid schemes do exist. However the structure of a company does not define its legality. All businesses have a structure to it! In that case, all businesses would be illegal! A pyramid scheme has no services or products, and pays only with the amount of recruits. Network Marketing companies have high quality services and products which provide a use for customers as well as for reps to gain commision.

Myth 2: Only men are at the top and make money

FALSE!! Anyone who thinks this about any job has got it all wrong! How does your gender affect your role in a business? Yes there are men at the top of their businesses, but women also have a prominent role too! I work with many male and female entrepreneurs who earn their unique income . In all good network marketing organisations, an individual can make any amount of income regardless of their position! Income is related to effort and commitment!

Myth 3: NWM uses people

Success in this industry comes from helping people reach their ultimate goals. An individual cannot earn without investing their own time in helping their own team earn income too! Admittedly, some NWM see recruits as money, but they are not as successful as those who make an effort to help others do well!

Myth 4: Eventually it will saturate

Saturation is pretty much impossible because there is never a definitive number of people that can be recruited! Everyday people are born or turn 18 which adds new potential NWM’s to the world. The Zig Ziglar’s Network Marketing for Dummies suggests an amazing argument against the myth. It says, “Do you know anyone who doesn’t have a fridge? No? That doesn’t stop companies from selling more of them.”

Myth 5: Network marketing doesn’t work full stop.

From personal experience, NWM can and does work! Success and failure doesn‘t have much to do with NWM and instead it is determined on the effort you put into your business. Here at the Haus of Hustlers Community, we wanted it to work, so we made it work! Some people won’t always sell their items on eBay, but you’ll never hear someone say that eBay doesn’t work as a website.

Myth 6: No one gets rich from NWM

NWM isn’t for everyone. Not everyone will succeed. However about 10% of NWM who earn an income are the same 10% that keep being consistent. This applies to all businesses. But being rich isn’t what NWM is about or should be about! Goal setting and achievement plays a major role in NWM and that is success.

Myth 7: Network marketing is a cult

I actually laughed at this one! Yes we get extremely excited about our business and our products. Our passion is real because we believe in our products and helping others becoming the best version of themselves!

To summarise, myths and misconceptions do continue. Please do not let these false myths stop you from joining a business. You can achieve success if you choose to understand the industry, commit your time and effort to your business, and you will succeed.

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