Negative Into Positive

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In life, there is a saying that what ever happens to you in life is always when you make your plans. It can be a struggle to turn any negativity into positivity. As much as we would like to have full control of our future, unfortunately we do not. We need to learn how to adapt to changes in our lives that are not expected.

We also need to be able to analyse what we are currently doing with our lives and maybe consider new options. As human beings, we experience negative and positive aspects on a daily basis; it’s how we react and deal with them that matters the most. Ideally, embrace the positives and learn lessons from the negatives.

Life Doesn’t Always Go To Plan!

Everyone is motivated differently. Some may be able to deal with life’s unexpected turns easily, whereas some people may be completely thrown off by the out of the ordinary. It can be a struggle if things do not go to plan. If not dealt with correctly, negative aspects can spiral into a massive problem. We need to keep focused and be aware of what is around us to visualise the positive outlook on the situation.

Some individuals are adamant on living their lives a certain way and it can be hard to deal with the unexpected. They struggle to be flexible and they can become resistant to the changes. A way to help this is to allow yourself to be more open to the new changes and at least attempt to The key for people who experience this is to at least be open to new and unexpected things, and to attempt to roll with the changes. If either of these examples sounds like you, you may have to pay extra special attention to stay on a positive course.

Perspective Change

When researching this topic, I found that motivational speaker Kevin Paul Scott told a story about two stables. “Where there is no oxen, the stable is clean but with the strength of the oxen comes the increase in the harvest“. This story means that we may see things as negative at first but there could be actually an underlining positive. The first stable was spotless and clean but there was no oxen inside. The second stable was dirty and full of waste with the oxen there.

Although the first stable was cleaner, it was not being very productive. It had no purpose. However when the second stable had the oxen in, and it was dirty and had waste, it was very productive. The animals were resourceful and the waste could be used as fertiliser. Once we dug deeper into the story, the lack of beauty became a benefit. Seeing a stable with no animals is like your business having no customers.

Viewing things from a different perspective, is your glass half full? or half empty? If negativity surrounds you, keep yourself around positive people, read self-help books or maybe meditation to cleanse your mind. Look for the good, always.

Learn From It!

Do you constantly repeat mistakes or put yourself in sticky situations? Everything is classified as either a positive or a negative. We can allow ourselves to celebrate the positives while we teach ourselves to learn from the negatives. This can further secure our inevitable success. Every time you face an obstacle in life, remember all the knowledge you have gained to learn from your previous mistakes. It may not be easy, but it can affect your whole mindset and how you see the world.

We choose to be happy or unhappy. Experienced occur and it is our choice of how we deal with them. If you try your best to seek out the positives, you will get over any negatives a lot quicker. As Henry Ford said, “Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right!”

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