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No matter how old you are, it is never too late for your dreams to come true. This is all about never giving up! Here is some helpful advice on how to not give up on yourself and your dreams

It’s Gonna Take Time!

Our dreams are not going to become reality overnight! It will take time and that is perfectly ok! Whether you are starting your own business or reaching a weight goal, it will take time. Start that small business, work on it everyday and soon you never know what might manifest! If you want to start your own clothesline, you never know all it may take is a celebrity to wear it in an advertisement and you could rise to the top! This may take several years but as long as you put in the hard work and effort it will mean so much to you!

Learn From Failure

Sometimes you have to fail to succeed! Most of the time, you won’t get it right first time. However, you won’t succeed unless you fail a few times to know what is gonna work and what isn’t going to work! Even if you fail 99 times, make sure you get back up for the 100th time. Prime example is Oprah Winfrey. She started her career off small and along the way she took a dip. She could have given it all up but she didn’t let her failure overcome her and now she is a household name!

Don't Give Up! You’re Never Too Old!

If anyone tells you you’re too old to follow

your dreams, ignore them! You can never reach the limit of giving up just because of your age! If I can do it, you can do it too.

Don’t allow yourself to be discouraged as you have so much potential! Don’t count the times you fall down, just always make sure you get back up again! So what if you delay achieving your goals? Focus on your mindset. Yes it will be hard and it will take time, but never make yourself feel bad for blooming at a later stage than others.

Someone is always out there waiting for you to showcase your talent. However the main person you need to focus on, is YOU! You benefit the most from never quitting so why doubt yourself? Start that small business! Write that murder mystery book!

Dreams are meant to come true, you’ll never be stuck with them forever. However don’t allow yourself to be stuck with the “what ifs” by quitting on yourself!

Take our athletes for example, or our amazing lionesses who have recently won the European Championships 2022. They get up early and train hard, but they also look after their bodies and eat a balanced diet with making sure they have enough sleep. They are self-disciplined and that is key to not quitting on your dreams. Athletes don’t quit because they don’t come first in a race? They keep going and get back up again to get that medal.

Imagine if the person you idolise gave up on their dreams? Where would they be now? Would your life be the same? Don’t quit, don’t give up. Find that burning passion and never stop sharing it across the world!

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