Night Time Routines

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Our night time routines change a lot through the years and we get ourselves into some unhealthy habits! We deprive ourselves of sleep, making us lethargic, irritable and especially unproductive. As soon as we get home from work or we have put the kids to sleep, we go on our phones or go to watch just ONE MORE episode of that tv programme…We get ourselves into such a bad cycle of events - let’s get ourselves back into a healthy routine!

Tidy Kitchen/Living Room

After dinner has been cooked, eaten and cleaned away, everyone in the household should come together to clear up the living space! Knowing you have a tidy and clean living space can help relax the mind that everything has been done for the night

Prepare For Next Day

Whether that is making lunches for work or packing the kids school bag, make sure you are prepped and ready for the day. You don’t want to be worrying about what needs to be taken tomorrow and be rushing around in the morning for it! Supplies all packed in the bags etc saves a lot of aggro each morning!

Family Time

Between dinner and bedtime, use the time in between to spend it with your loved ones! Whether that is being creative or listening to music, or watching a film together, that time is precious. Utilise it well and it will strengthen your connection. Release those endorphins to help you relax and be happy before bed time.


If you have kids, keep their bedtime routine in tact. At the same time, get yourself ready for bed too! Chuck on those cosy pyjamas, brush your teeth etc and say goodnight to the children. Get these simple tasks out the way so you know you won’t stay up unnecessarily to do them.

To-Do List

Make yourself a to-do list for the next day. One way to get stuff done is to do it by time blocking. This is a process where you allocate a task to a specific time slot to achieve it. It may seem limiting, but it is actually an amazing way to keep organised. It can help to meet deadlines too so you can prioritise what you can focus on. It also stops you from getting distracted by other tasks as you know you have allocated time for that task later on in the day! By having a plan, it can be less of a temptation to procrastinate because you have a list of things you need to get done.

Wind Down for the Night

Now it is time to relax your mind. Some people like to read a book, or do a cross word puzzle or some sort of task that will allow them to be in bed by a desired time. Some even fold some washing! However you decide to spend the last part of your day, make it productive as well as useful for winding down to not feel worried or restless.

Plug Your Phone Out Of Reach

After your desired bedtime, plug your phone out of reach of your bed. It reduces the temptation to scroll through social media. It also means that you have to get out of bed to turn off your alarm and you won’t be tempted to hit the snooze button!

Now these steps will work 70% of the time. Stuff happens we get it! Work schedules change, emotions change, events arise. But these routines are a work in progress. That is perfectly alright! The idea isnt to be perfect - but to adopt healthier habits to establish a nice routine. Our lives will always be hard. And busy. If we work each day to accomplish our goals, we’ll be alright!

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