Pain Into Power

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Today is about turning our pain into power. As we go through our lives, unfortunately pain is inevitable. Coming on hard times will happen, and we cannot control it. To be happy we must release the control we have on our life and it’s results. We need to allow ourselves to accept how our lives flow and it can be extremely difficult at times. It can be hard to see the positive side or a way out but we persevere!

Inevitable Pain

When we experience pain or a traumatic event, it can take everyone different lengths of time to cope with the aftermath. Sometimes days, weeks, months, even years. It can be a lot to process for an individual and it is perfectly fine to take as much time as needed to come back from an event which may leave some emotional and mental scars. It can make you more resilient by having a better understanding of your emotions and their stresses. By giving yourself that time, you can turn your sadness into so much strength and it can give you so much power to deal with life’s greatest twists and turns.

You Have To Feel!

One of the primary steps to turning your pain into power is understanding that you are allowed to feel your emotions! Let those emotions enter your mind. If you try to ignore then or disregard them, they will linger and gradually get worse. As human beings we need to process any pain or trauma to make sure we properly heal from it. We cannot find the solution if we do not know what the initial problem is! To cope, you can keep yourself busy to distract yourselves but not too much that you do not take time out for yourself to process and acknowledge how you feel. Some people do turn to more harmful ways such as drug and alcohol abuse or even risk taking behaviours and that is what we want to avoid! Empathise with yourself, maturity can play a part in recognising and looking after your own health and emotions. Find a way to release yourself in a healthy way.

Turning That Pain Into Power

Right, you have now acknowledged your trauma and the pain it is causing you. Next step…MOVE FORWARD! Use those small steps of allowing yourself to heal. Healing times and processes will be different depending on the trauma circumstances. It can be different each time something happens. And that’s ok! You need to be open to digging deep inside your inner being at where you are hurting. You can learn valuable life lessons and turn the knowledge you have obtained into movement and action. By doing this, you will see the transition from pain into power. You will come to realise that by experiencing pain, you will become a grateful, knowledgeable individual with an amazing life balance.

Always remember that to recognise the highs you need to experience the lows. Amazing things can stem from having those dark times. Gain that wisdom from your fears and see your dream life manifest

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