The Guide To Goals

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One of the common questions I get asked is: “Why do you set goals? Is it actually necessary?”

Well, I can justify that within my personal and professional occupation, setting goals has ALWAYS got to be a number one priority. The outcomes are endless with the majority ending up in success. Author Tony Robbins once said: “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.”

I believe it sums up the importance of goal setting into one sentence. However let’s explore deeper reasons into the importance of goal setting.

Goals Make You Focus!

Without goals, we would not be able to focus on an endgame! It allows us to analyse on our daily tasks and be able to dedicate our time and resources to achieving what we need to!

Goals Help You Progress!

By tracking your progress, you are able to achieve so much success that you want and desire! But keeping track means you have to set a goal from the start! It is such a rewarding process that is linked to keeping focused as well as high in energy levels and confidence. It can be easy to be disappointed if you do not feel you have arrived at your goal. However by tracking your progress you can see where you are and be able to get excited about when your will reach your goal! Just remember you will always be heading in the right direction!

Goals Help You Be Motivated

It is too easy to leave work loads until the next day when you do not have any goals set. Let’s use the life of a Team GB athlete as an example. When training for a tournament or even the Olympics, they are working on themselves and their skills DAILY. Regardless of whether they wake up feeling tired, or they hurt from the previous day, or even whether they WANT to or not, THEY TRAIN DAILY. This is because they have their goal. They have a destination to reach and they are on that journey. Their own motivation keeps them training, they want that gold medal. Earn yourself the gold medal you worked hard for!

Beat Procrastination

Admit it, we all do it! I hold my hands up too! When you set yourself goals, procrastination is a dangerous tool. You waste so much time that you could waste a whole day! And that means you are not moving any closer to your goal.

Pablo Picasso once said that “Only put off until tomorrow what you are willing to die having left undone.” This hit hard for me as I never want to leave anything undone ever again!

You Achieve More

When you finally reach your goal and achieve it, it gives you a sense of victory and delight. It is such an amazing feeling that surely you want to repeatedly feel like that? Challenge yourself, set more goals! Imagine you are climbing a ladder and each goal is each rung of that ladder. The more you achieve, the higher you climb! Ladders can be unlimited in heigh so never stop climbing! Goals can pop up that you never imagined achieving and it makes you think about what is truly possible!

Determine What You Want in Your Life

By setting goals, it allows you to decide what you want out of your life. How much success do you want to obtain? What is your desired income for your dream job? What is your dream life/home? What do you need to reach these dreams/goals?

By having an endgame, you can then work backwards and break it down into realistic goals to reach that main goal. Goals can keep us motivated and prevent procrastination. It can keep us focused to make sure we succeed in our dreams. So by us goal setting in our lives, it allows us to live the best life we could ever have imagined.

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