The Life Of A Network Marketer

Hello readers!

So this week we have something a little bit different! Our teamie Beth has created some questions to interview our Co founder Kayleigh on her life as a NWM!

What rank are you?

I am an Emerald Leader with the business!

How long have you been a part of the business?

I have been part of the Haus of Hustlers Community for over two years! It has flown by and has been one of the best two years of my life! I have made friends for life due to this business and I never wanna stop!

How did you come across the business

One of my ex colleagues used to work for the business and I always used to see her posts, and wonder what it was all about. I had been part of two other NWM companies during my university days and they didn’t work out for me. Initially because of this I was sceptical about starting when she approached me with joining. But I thought to myself “How am I going to know if I don’t at least try?” So I signed up, and here we are two years later! I’m hosting training calls for the team and being my own boss!

What made you join the business

The excitement in the team about the products is insane! I use these products myself and I can say they 100% work for me! Yes results will always vary from person to person, but so does every product in the world!

Our aim here at HOH Community is to be where the world is going - forwards. We want to help others be the best versions of themselves - and it’s the best feeling ever when we get to do this!

What’s the work life balance that you have?

Like with any job, you always need a work life balance! I work full time around my business so you think I barely have any time to myself - WRONG!

Careful planning and organisation is key to that balance - I know my rota and work my business hours around that - if I know I have a morning off - I do my morning mindset with the team and I get up earlier to get started on my business. By doing this I feel in control about my schedule as well as be able to properly relax on my down time as I am prepped for the week!

Do you enjoy what you do? Why?

I wouldn’t be here two years later if I didn’t enjoy it! My life has changed for the better because of HOH Community. I have grown into such a confident individual that I have come out of my comfort zones and I am doing things I never thought I was capable of doing!

I used to struggle connecting with new people, but now it’s hard to shut me up! I am growing into the leader I was born to be

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