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Hello readers!

Traveling the world is a very exciting topic! For many reasons travelling may not be possible due to money, however when the correct resources are gained, go explore the world! Did you know that about 90% of the population of this planet have never travelled? Be in that 10% and GO GO GO!

Travelling can make you a better person, however not in the sense of better than others, but better than the person you was the day before!

It Educates You!

What a better way to learn about countries and their cultures - go and visit them! Media and propaganda are so filtered that it can offer an inaccurate representation about places and cultures. To break these incorrect preconceptions, go and see them for yourself and experience what the world has to offer

It Challenges You

By travelling, you can discover so many ways of learning new skills, understanding how others live, new ways of communicating. Maybe even meeting a few animals! Without challenges, you may never learn anything new! Remember, it’s all about the journey, not the destination! #notmyquote

It Keeps You Open Minded and Tolerant

Surely it can be boring staying in the same place your whole life! Yes it can be a safe haven for you, but why wouldnt you want to explore more exciting places? Keeping it safe can become a natural instinct to us human beings, so we then become afraid of the unknown. You know what I say? Just go for it!!

By being open minded to the world, it can allow you to be more tolerant! The world doesn’t revolve around you and your bubble! We have to understand that there are so many individuals who all live their lives in completely different ways.

Learn a New Language

A bit obvious but yes, you can pick up the lingo of the countries you visit! It’s very handy when needed to ask where the nearest toilets are! Basic communication is needed wherever you are such as shops, restaurants and hotels. There is the use of hand signals if the correct vocabulary escapes you! Or in the present day, Google Translator can be your friend! However, it can become slightly inaccurate to be careful what you say! And then once communication has been established, you will gain a lot of knowledge on that countries language and culture. Make sure your practice to gain that confidence to speak that language fluently!

Travelling can take you out of your comfort zones to give you new experiences in life.

While you should definitely accept those comfort zone days, venture out of it as they will be the moments you grow, develop and learn from. Each day is a surprise to you and you never know what is going to happen! It can allow you to adapt and deal with situations out of the normal comfort zone.

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