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Hello readers!

Have you thought about working from home? We are part of an ever growing society where employers as well as employees are starting to work remotely from home.

These helpful tips are for everyone who wants to improve their productivity at work as well as the smooth running of their business! These can help you to also maintain that healthy work-life balance we all try to manage! Working from home was always considered a massive luxury but now it is becoming more of a common denominator within todays society.

We all want to be productive in what we do, but if we do not manage this correctly, obstacles may prevent us from our desired outcomes.

Permanent Place Of Work

To work from home, you need a designated space to work in your home! This may be creating your own office in a spare bedroom or clearing a desk space to place your laptop and stationary. These can be done even without a lot of space. Make that spot where business thrives so that you can concentrate and have the correct mindset when you are at your workspace. This also needs to be a space where you can concentrate with no distractions or noise.


Invest in high quality equipment and software! Yes it may need to be financed, but for you to increase your potential you need to use the correct equipment or software to complete the job at hand to an outstanding standard! Get yourself a decent laptop so that you can create those documents, invest in Office 365 so you can edit and manage those documents. Get a smartphone so you can connect with colleagues, maybe even a webcam so you can video call and have online meetings without any issues! You will need a high quality router that can assist with a high speed connection so you can have interrupted meetings or work time.

Comfortable Furniture

If you haven't already, you definitely need to get yourself some cosy furniture to work in! Invest in a desk that is spacious for all of your stationary and laptop/computer, a bookshelf for all your necessary materials as well as that cosy office chair! You don’t need to fork out thousands for this! Comfort = productivity. There is nothing work than trying to work when you are not comfortable in the environment you are in. You will use this space daily so invest in high quality furniture that is going to work for you.

Honest Working Hours

Once you have your home office set up, get to work! Make yourself an honest routine you can stick to - work it around your schedule. For example, start work after the school run if you are a parent and finish just before the end of the school day. By setting your own business hours, it helps your employees and Co workers when to contact you about work. There is nothing more frustrating when someone is trying to talk to you abiding business plans as you sit watching your favourite soap! That is your down time for you to unwind and recharge for the next working days. Hence the work-life balance.

Also, if you feel like you are more productive in the mornings and early afternoon, set that as your working hours! That is the freedom of working from home - your rules! At the end of the working day, you need to be strict with yourself about when to stop working. Create that distance between your work and home life so that you can properly switch off and relax.

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